If reading this most likely you participated in the staking process for the OriginTrail StarFleet Chain, which concluded on March 18, 2021.

All participating addresses have received the artwork below via airdrop into the staking wallet, in the form of an ERC-1155 “IOTB” token minted on the xDAI network.

Online discussions around the OriginTrail ecosystem often include a variety of acronyms referencing different components of the technology stack, partner organizations, relevant regulations and institutions. People arriving in OT related online discussions may wonder what exactly certain acronyms mean. This page gives a quick reference.

ASC : Alpha Sigma Capital…

In this blog post dated 5.18.20 $AMB claimed a partnership with a maritime crewing agency called Navis Crew Management based in Odessa, Ukraine

Ambrosus posted this picture of the meeting between $AMB Head of Business Sergey Grygoriev and Navis GM Maksym Karpenko. …


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